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2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse SE For Sale

Posted by Stroberider - May 27th, 2011

Anyone who lives in Central Texas or who is willing to drive out to Fort Hood/Killeen, I am selling my 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse SE (Kalapan Black). I love this vehicle so much and really hate to have to give it up, but it's not conducive for my family of five along with our 2009 Nissan Versa. My wife and I are trying to get rid of these two vehicles and replace them with a larger sized SUV or even a van. The Eclipse is in great condition! Here are the specs:

* Price - $16,500 - $17,000
* 42,553 miles
* new tires - replaced October 2010
* new brakes - replaced April 2011
* oil changed every 3,000 miles
* A/C blows really COLD air and heater works quick
* body is in really good shape
* windshield is cracked along bottom - not visible when driving
* E-Bay Link
* Rockford Fosgate Sound-System w/7 speakers and 10" subwoofer
* Rockford Fosgate 6 MP3/disc changer
* XM Radio Capability
* MPG 20 City / 28 Hwy
* EBD Electronic Brake Dist
* Multi-Function Steering Wheel
* Power Windows
* Side Air Bag System
* Power Steering
* Automatic, 4-Spd w/Overdrive
* Tire Pressure Monitor
* Dual Air Bags
* Reading Lights
* Vanity Mirrors
* Trip Odometer
* Anti Theft/Security System
* Adjustable Lumbar Seats
* Tachometer
* Adjustable Head Rests
* Auto Headlight On/Off
* Front Head Rests
* Rear Window Defroster
* Power Mirrors
* Center Console
* Cruise Control
* Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
* Anti-Theft Device w/Lo-Jack
* Airbag Deactivation
* Auto Express Down Window
* Remote Trunk Release
* Leather Upholstery/Interior
* Keyless Entry
* Rear Spoiler
* Intermittent Wipers
* Power Door Locks
* Tinted/Privacy Glass
* Sun/Moon Roof
* 2 Beverage Holders
* Power Outlet
* Daytime Running Lights
* Cargo Trunk Net

I am only driving this car to and from work (less than 10 miles a day). This car would be a great graduation present for a high school or college student!!!! Please contact me on here for more information or with any questions.

2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse SE For Sale

Comments (5)

How much for the red car in the background?

Haha, it's old as crap, and that's my neighbor's 1998 Mustang. Have no clue!

:P Good luck with the sale! One of the benefits of living in NYC, mass transit ... though, I do miss grass.

I hear ya, man! I love this car to death, but just have to give it up and move on. Thanks, bro!

not only does no one one newgrounds have that kind of money but no one is going to go to newgrounds to buy a car

You'd be amazed at what a little word of mouth can do online. If you realized that this isn't the only place I listed this, extra exposure never hurts when selling.

yes because advertising a used car on a website used mainly by 13 year old boys is a great way to sell your car

Ditto from above!

OMG... it has a trip odometer??? Nothing like fresh 40 year old technology to spice up your ad. Lol.

...pretty much what your name implies.